2014 Hyundai Sonata P0036 code

2022.01.17 17:27 junkaccount1999 2014 Hyundai Sonata P0036 code

Check engine light went on the other day, I bought a reader off Amazon and got P0036 Faulty Heated Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) Bank 1 Sensor 2 . I don't know what to replace or if this is something I can do.
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2022.01.17 17:27 laylarosefiction 25

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2022.01.17 17:27 Future_Fox_3390 Why I love $DCAU? 🐲πŸ”₯βš”οΈπŸ›‘

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2022.01.17 17:27 Substantial_Motor395 Hot take: I wish machine/ production building mastery was handled differently.

I wish the mastery of machines was handled much differently, because even with the increase of coins and exp from the first two stars, it doesn’t really make doing orders for townies, trucks, or boats worth it at lower levels. I wish that instead there was a system where you could earn mastery points based on hours that the machine was used, and assign them just like you can choose what to upgrade in your town.
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2022.01.17 17:27 Low_Director4350 Are these brown things mushrooms? Growing around bottom of tree in SE PA

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2022.01.17 17:27 raphiraphi Earthworm Steve

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2022.01.17 17:27 SeaScarcity2110 Dogecoin πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

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2022.01.17 17:27 Mloxard_CZ Azazel or Taskmaster

This is actually a pretty simple question. I argued with my friend over this one and figured I could ask here for your opinions... (I am personally on the Azazel team πŸ’ͺ😎)
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2022.01.17 17:27 mwadxdy Hofburg Vienna In Different Styles

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2022.01.17 17:27 Plane-Coast-1038 Looking to trade my A10Pro.

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2022.01.17 17:27 Hylebos75 Problem removing office chair piston

We're trying to replace a broken wheeled base on an office chair. We were able to remove the piston from the chair itself but can't get the cylinder out of the base. Turned it upside down and have been trying to hit it out with a mallet but does no good and feels incredibly solid, any ideas?
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2022.01.17 17:27 UnstableToad It's so bright! My eyes!

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2022.01.17 17:27 ope-another-account Solution to workplace allergies - seeking filter suggestions or otherwise

The allergens that affect me most are molds.
I work in a large open office building that has had roof issues since the dawn of time. There is mold in the drop ceilings and above them. There is also a large section of the building that is tropical plants - large 4'x20ft planters (another source of molds). Lucklily, at least I am in an office that does not have a drop ceiling and I am not directly next to the tropical plants. We are not allowed to close our office doors.
The mold isn't going to be going away, and I will not be leaving employment here - have been here over a decade in a rural area where jobs are like unicorns.
SO, I am wondering about a filter or something else that I can at least put in my office to try and mitigate some of the allergens. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I am really suffering. I'm taking all my allergy meds (I see and allergist and ENT annually) and they aren't putting a dent in things at all. I work Monday through Friday. On Sundays I feel great! I can breathe, no sneezing, fatigue goes away...and then by Monday afternoon I am sneezing, congested and could fall asleep at my desk all over again. It's wrecking my life, as by the time I leave each evening I am miserable and just want to fall into bed until the next morning. My docs just say either take the series of shots (absolutely not possibly financially) or find other employment.
Hoping to hear your suggestions (other than quitting, suing, and shots). Thanks!
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2022.01.17 17:27 notNSFWAcc [US-CA][H] PayPal [W] Redacted keyby and redacted Rama

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2022.01.17 17:27 hillefire Conscious Comfort Zone - Sylvan Hillebrand, 210x297mm Tintoretto Gesso, 2021

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2022.01.17 17:27 mosqueleapfrog Promising

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2022.01.17 17:27 RedneckLiberace What did you like most about a snow storm when you were young?

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2022.01.17 17:27 ResearcherAM Anyone want to talk about fit asian woman?

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2022.01.17 17:27 Raydeuces Woke

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2022.01.17 17:27 Diablo996 Are these actually any use? Do they serve a purpose or just take up server space?

I don't know for sure if I am wasting my time here or not. I am starting this poll just to see if it is worth carrying on or whether I should cut my losses and stop doing them. Not feeling sorry for myself here, Just aware that if no one needs them or appreciates them then they are a waste of time. It was started to try and help people who know nothing about what they just bought into. I really hope it is useful to someone.
I actually doubt anyone will even be here to vote. lol
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2022.01.17 17:27 Naokli If you are afraid of water in anyway what do you think about this season, are you comfortable with it?

I just wondered how other people may feel about this season when you have to swim underwater and sometimes in dark places.
I personally have a fear of water in general and mostly when I don't see the ground below my feet. And in video games the level underwater are really scary for me. Mario 64, any Zelda or any games with level like this I can't. Just the visual to be underwater or the stress to run out of oxygen...
Yet with Sky it's different. I don't know why but I don't have the usual apprehension of it, I really enjoy to explore what's under the water. Even the most profound and dark levels. The oxygen is not even a problem and I just chill around. Maybe it's because of the atmosphere of the game, but for the first time I really appreciate a level underwater.
What are your thoughts about it?
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2022.01.17 17:27 naptastic What are our demands? Are we clear about them?

One of the reasons we didn't really get anything out of Occupy was the (questionable) narrative that we didn't really know what we want, besides expressing collective outrage. We need to be ready to shout that narrative down when it speaks.
The list of things I want is way too long to post here, and doesn't matter anyway: it's about US, not about ME. (Really, that's the one rule we can't forget: We are in this together.)
Living wages, better working conditions, student loan forgiveness, universal healthcare, voting rights, what else?
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2022.01.17 17:27 Immediate-Salary-736 What is the most overated thing nowadays?

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2022.01.17 17:27 Uselesstrr Stuck, how do you zoom out?

I can’t run I can’t play the game correctly. How do I fix this? I’ve tried the fast travel method and it didn’t work. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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2022.01.17 17:27 YourBoiMat Can anybody crop out the fish, and remove the little marker on the center? (Yes, Iknow its really low res)

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