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2022.01.17 17:00 IronScorpion438 Binax now scam theory

Alrighty I may be completely wrong but from what I gathered I think the binax now test is a scam. 4 of my coworkers, my girlfriend, and myself used these test. We got the 2 pack. Every one of us tested negative when we first had symptoms. Our symptoms continued and we tested again the next day and we were +. The theory that I have is that they put a faulty test in the 2 pack so that you have to buy another 2 pack to re test. At $20-$25 per 2 pack, they are making mega money off of these test. This is very suspicious. Anyone else have this issue?
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2022.01.17 17:00 BullsOnHoliday What happens to huge evidence?

The usual things, drugs, weapons, computers, etc can fit in a reasonably sized evidence room. Cars have specific impounds.
What happens to a 30ft monkey statue that needs to be taken as evidence? Are there just huge warehouses for this?
Also, if an ice sculpture or something similar that won't last outside a specific environment - what happens to that?
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2022.01.17 17:00 The_Fallen_1 The Hunter's Journey - ep 3.65 - New blessings

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"Good morning Master Cellone, how are you doing?" James asked as he entered his room at the Kynling Well, finding her there.
"Good thank you. Very good actually, last night I made a new version of the immortality spells, and well, the Goddess gave me to go ahead," she explained with a heavily wagging tail.
"She did!? Congratulations!" he replied.
"As you helped me find this, I thought I'd tell you before anyone else. I'm testing it tonight," she told him.
“I wish you the best of luck then, you and your cute tail,” he chuckled.
“Just because some things have changed doesn’t mean you can just look at that area you know,” she laughed.
“Sorry, it’s just I’m surprised at how expressive people are now that less is being hidden,” he apologised. "I have some news on my experiment, Vency is starting on the new generator today. The guard got everything they wanted, even more impressive considering it was a rush job and she lost a day, so now she's free for our stuff."
"Brilliant. I'll be free to help you when it's ready then, my spell being sorted and all. How's Ceralla's servant by the way? I know she's living with you now, at least for the foreseeable future, but I haven't really spoken much with her."
"Yeah, Ceralla has really taken to her. She's not really making her do much more than just be there in case of an attack. Basically, Ceralla doesn't want her to leave, and so we've reluctantly allowed her to stay until Irelea'rah believes her services are no longer necessary. Right or wrong, Vency’s Dad may have given her the impression that she might be needed for quite a while yet," James sighed.
"So, she's basically part of the family now."
"Yep. At least she's happy and safe, and at the end of the day, that's what I really want for her. If it means having an extra pair of eyes and ears nearby, we'll just have to get used to it."
“If that’s how you see it, then I suppose it isn’t that bad. Still, she is likely to get in the way at times.”
“We know, but thankfully she’s so far been very considerate, preferring to stay on the side-lines and let us get on with things where possible. She’s not trying to nanny Ceralla, just protect her from that which would hurt her.”
"I suppose we work with what life gives us…. Now then, where is Ceralla?"
"At the forge with Vency, mainly so Irelea'rah is there to protect them both."
"That's thoughtful of her. How is Vency doing now he's gone?"
"What's your secret for high endurance? You seem to continue just and strongly even as you wear out," Irelea'rah asked as she watched Vency continuously hammer away at the new generator pieces.
"I see the strike point as Venatra's face, so I get to beat the shit out of him. Works fairly well, at least it will until I can finally forget about him completely," Vency explained as she held her piece up, checking the shape.
"Hatred is a good motivator, but not something you should hold onto for too long else it consumes you," she warned her.
"I am aware, I just need a bit more time. Forgetting he existed a few days after he was punished doesn't allow me to taste victory after all these years."
"I admit I am curious as to what he is currently doing."
"I don't care as long as it isn't relaxing," Vency replied as she continued beating the metal. "While animals rarely hurt Dryads, he was never good at calming an angry wolf or bear, and even worse at not angering them in the first place. If he runs into one, he's as good as dead. If he can't calm it, he'll have to fight it. If he doesn't kill it, it will kill him. If he does kill it, the Goddess will kill him. He also broke some laws of the Goddess, so there’s probably some form of divine punishment in the works already. If he somehow survives for long enough, I'm sure Ceralla will fix that."
"Damn right I will. First, I'll make him pay for hitting me, then I'll make him pay for everything he did to you," Ceralla said sadistically, dragging her eyes away from the setting Sun's colours. "I'll have to ask him how hot my fire is, given he'll be the first to feel it."
"Master, while I echo your sentiment, your Father would not be happy to hear you say that," Irelea'rah warned her as she adjusted her perch on Ceralla's leg, careful not to disturb Nibbles who was resting next to her.
"No, but I know he isn't as unhappy as he appears. Dad never met Venatra, but he hates him with a passion. I don't doubt Dad would look for an excuse to beat him to an inch of his life, a beating for every one he gave."
"I have my doubts he would actually go that far, but regardless, he does not wish for you to become involved any further," Irelea'rah persisted.
"I know, and I know he's right, I just can't help but want revenge," she sighed. "Am I bad for that?"
"Of course not. I myself feel the desire for revenge sometimes, and I have killed people for far less egregious actions. If Dryads still had the death penalty, I would have performed the execution myself," Irelea'rah volunteered.
"I think a few people were already lining up. Child abuse is both a serious crime and the second highest crime you can commit against the Goddess," Vency explained.
"Very true, only beaten by overt damage to nature," Irelea'rah replied.
"Out of curiosity, what are the crimes against the Goddess?" Ceralla asked.
"My apologies if I can't recite them word for word master, it's been a while, but the five highest crimes are: 'Thou shalt not harm the way of nature purposefully. Thou shalt not harm thy children. Thou shalt not betray thou people. Thou shalt not disturb the balance of the forest. Thou shalt not make sacrifice in thy name.'" Irelea'rah recited. "To clarify that sacrifice part, mana is deemed as an offering where all other things aren't, given it can be harmlessly extracted from a person with no adverse impact, and when broken only carries a light punishment of losing access to spells for a short time."
"So there are only five?" Ceralla then asked.
"No, there are 17 other rules, but they don't carry punishments as they are the basis for how society should be formed. No murder, theft, rape, you get the idea. Things the Goddess says must be crimes, but leaves the exact implementation and punishments up to society, else execution wouldn't be distinguishable from murder, not that is allowed anyway, it is just possible within the laws of the Goddess."
"I can see the Goddess's wisdom there," Ceralla stated.
"The Goddess is just the wisest, isn't she? Wiser than even the Elven Goddess of Wisdom, Periolath. She knows what is best for us, and what is best for us to decide for ourselves," Irelea'rah fanatically replied.
"She is indeed. Hmm, I have an idea. Aunt Vency, how much longer will you be working?"
"Just done Scales," Vency replied as she set down the finished piece. "I just have to close up. Won't be a minute."
"What do you have planned, master?" Irelea'rah asked as she stood up.
"No promises, but if it works, it will be a nice surprise."
James and Lafalla returned home to see Ceralla and Irelea'rah silently kneeling in front of their shrine, and they could hear Vency washing the grime off of herself in the washroom. The two of them decided to skip in silently so as to not disturb what James hoped was a communion, and they just sat down on the cushions and waited for something to happen.
It didn't take long.
"I'm almost an adult! The Goddess thinks I'm nearly developed enough to be considered one, and possess just enough experience to properly make most of my own choices!" Ceralla declared.
"Congratulations Ceralla! I guess I'll have to help you on your hunt for work soon then," James smirked.
"Work? Wait, no, um, I've still got a lot of growing to do," Ceralla backtracked. "Irelea'rah, did it work? Did you speak to her too?... Irelea'rah?"
The Elf was staring at the shrine, shaking. "I- I- I spoke to her! Personally, privately, not as part of an event, but sincerely."
"What did she say?" Ceralla asked.
"... Ceralla, from this day forth until my final dying breath, I pledge myself to you entirely," Irelea'rah replied at a near unintelligible rate as she bowed down to Ceralla.
"I… accept? But what did she say to you?"
"The Goddess has seen fit for me to be ascended to the position of Holy Protector for an undisclosed amount of time, and I have been instructed that you are my charge till the Goddess declares otherwise."
"And how is that much different to before?"
"Before I was a temporary servant for you and an observer for the temple, but now I am wholly devoted to you, Master Ceralla. There is nothing I can hide from you, so you may know every single detail about me if you so wish. Anything you are allowed to do, I may do too if you require my help, provided you start the action, including hunting. My life is yours Master Ceralla, and it is yours to do with as you wish. I will follow your wishes without question or care for my safety if that is what you ask of me."
"Then you can stop bowing, it is no longer necessary," Ceralla told her. "And now, do what you want to do for the evening. I appreciate your devotion, but you need to relax sometimes."
"Then I shall spend my evening by your side, as I want to."
"Well then, I believe we should join the others," Ceralla replied as she moved to the cushions, Irelea'rah sitting close to her.
'WHHYYY!?' James screamed internally towards the Goddess. 'Thanks Celena, she's staying here forever now, isn't she!? I could deal with her being here for a short while until she could be convinced otherwise, but now!?'
'Sorry, I know you didn't want her to live here, but to me, Ceralla's safety is paramount, and Irelea'rah can ensure that. And it will only be until Ceralla decides to move out. That being said, Ceralla doesn't dream of ever leaving your side, so that may be a good few decades, maybe a century or two,' she chuckled in reply.
‘I’m sorry?’ Celena asked in surprise.
‘No. I’m not happy with you just dumping her into our lives without at least checking with me first.’
‘I apologise, but I assure you this is temporary, just until I have a better way of ensuring her safety.’
‘You’ve put Ceralla in a very powerful position over her, one that she could easily abuse. I trust Ceralla now not to do anything stupid, but who knows how she will act once her biological drive kicks in again at full force?’
‘A valid concern, though it shouldn’t be much of an issue as she’s emotionally attracted, not physically attracted. She wants to be close to her, but not close in bed. That and Irelea'rah will follow the law, which will stop her from doing anything illegal. I tell you what, I’m going to bend a few rules a little, and if something like that is about to occur, I will step in, ok?’
‘I’d still prefer it if the situation wasn’t possible in the first place.’
‘I understand, but with or without my input, they were eventually going to end up in a situation like this. At least this way I have the ability to tell Irelea’rah’s what to do directly if things start getting out of hand.’
James laid in bed, on the edge but next to Vency this time. His eyes were closed and he was enjoying Vency's chest which had been pressed against his back when she had adjusted her position a few minutes ago, hugging him tighter.
'My apologies for disturbing you James, but can I ask you for a favour?' the Goddess asked him.
‘You may,' he wearily replied.
'May I bring you to my garden please?'
'You may.'
"Then open your eyes James," Celena instructed.
"Hello Celena, how can I help you?" he asked as he fumbled now that he was unexpectedly standing up.
"Something monumental is happening right now, and I want you to be here for the conclusion. Don't worry, you won't exactly have to do much, I just think it's important you bear witness, and to back me up with something."
"Back you up."
"You just have to be there and it's enough. It will make sense soon," she replied, guiding him to a seat.
"So when is it happening?"
"Right about… now."
There was a flash of light emanating from the other side of the room.
"Wha- what happened? Wait, this looks like… Oh no! Am I dead!? Did it not work?" the newcomer frantically asked.
"Welcome, I am Celenamartra, your Goddess, and you are very much alive. I brought you here to congratulate you, Cellone, first true immortal."
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