13-1 ideas from Chrono Trigger that can be used in a time travel campaign in Eberron

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2021.12.08 05:56 MarkerMage 13-1 ideas from Chrono Trigger that can be used in a time travel campaign in Eberron

In a comment of mine I left on this subreddit some time ago, I had described the game Chrono Trigger as a "Classic SNES RPG with time travel plot. Very much worth stealing ideas from if you want to have your game focus on time travel". Well, I thought I'd describe some of those ideas worth stealing and offer my own suggestions for adapting them to Eberron. There will be spoilers in here for Chrono Trigger, major ones.

  1. Time Gates for Time Travel: Time gates are the method of time travel used in the beginning of Chrono Trigger. They are portals that connect two time periods. Accessing them requires a gate key, which is made by Lucca after her telepod and Marle's pendant somehow open one up, sending Marle into the past. Time passes in the time periods equally so if you go through one, wait 10 minutes, and head back to the previous time period, you arrive 10 minutes after you entered the gate. So it limits time travel based on the gates the players have physical access to, requires a special item to use, the players still have to deal with limited time, and there are no do-overs.
    1. Adaptation: To adapt this to Eberron, I would suggest having the gates essentially be Xoriat manifest zones. You step into the gate, end up in Xoriat for a few seconds, and get ejected from the matching gate in another time period. As for the gate key, it could possibly be made by a mark of passage artificer after a teleportation experiment (an attempt to make the effects of teleportation circle more accessible or maybe just a teleportation circle destination that can be moved) opens up one of these time gates (possibly in response to a PC's trinket).
    2. Why Steal this Idea? It provides a simple-enough time travelling mechanic for players to understand. It restricts players to time periods approved by the DM. This method doesn't allow the players to keep traveling back in time to try again. The players have to unlock new eras to visit by finding the portals that take them there. Also, the requirement of a gate key serves as a way to limit how many people are time traveling, allowing for it to be something being used exclusively by the PCs if the DM wants.
  2. End of Time as Part of Xoriat: The End of Time is a rather unique location in time and space in Chrono Trigger. It is where the characters of Chrono Trigger end up after trying to travel through a gate as a group of four people originating from more than one time period and described as the point of least resistance in the time continuum. From then on, the characters are able to visit it from any gate they use, also managing to open that gate up as an exit point from the End of Time. The characters also meet a friendly NPC here that offers an explanation of what this place is, how they got there, and how they can continue their quest.
    1. Adaptation: To adapt it to Eberron, you need only make it a location in Xoriat. Using the idea above of time gates taking characters to Xoriat for a few seconds, this location would be where the players would end up if they manage to avoid coming out the other gate. It could possibly be triggered by the party including people or objects from enough time periods. Once the players manage to access it, they are generally expected to be able to come back to it easily enough. For the friendly NPC to offer explanations, I'd suggest a sphinx due to their association with time and the Draconic Prophecy while being friendlier than other available options.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? It can be used by the PCs as a base that provides access to every time gate they've found so far. Also, a helpful guide who can explain the intricacies of time travel and provide the players with advice as someone familiar with time travel is worth including to help get players unstuck.
  3. Get a Legendary Item, Use it, Then Help Make it: The Masamune is a legendary sword from Chrono Trigger that I would suggest taking inspiration from not because of its abilities but because of its history. The game introduces it as a legendary blade that can be wielded to defeat the fiend lord in the middle ages. After Crono and his friends go on a quest to recover the blade, they find that it's only the blade, broken off of the hilt. After they find the broken hilt, they find a name inscribed upon it, the name of someone they've met in the present, Melchior. Jumping ahead to the present, they find Melchior and confirm that he knows how to repair it, though it'll require a quest to the distant past to find a rare material. After all of this effort, the party manages to get it repaired by Melchior and can continue their quest to defeat the fiend lord in the middle ages. Now, if this was all there was to it, I wouldn't be listing it here. Later in the game, Crono and friends travel to an earlier time period known as "Antiquity", where among other things, they rescue a Melchior that hasn't met them yet. They receive a dagger from him that should be able to stop a machine connected to the big bad of the game. After being plunged into the machine, the dagger transforms into the Masamune.
    1. Adaptation: The simplest way is to just introduce a legendary artifact, have the PCs do some quests involving it, and later help in its creation. You can do various things to hint at its history and foreshadow its creation that the PCs will become involved in.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? Because this right here is the sort of awesome stories you can only tell with time travel. Let them see this artifact as something made by gods, then later reveal that they are actually the ones who made it.
  4. Take the Long Way: One of the side quests in Chrono Trigger involves leaving a robot party member in the middle ages to help grow a forest. While the rest of the party just time travels ahead, this robot spends the next 400 years growing a beautiful forest. The party finds him rusted, deactivated, and enshrined in a cathedral in the middle of this forest that wasn't there before they changed history by leaving him behind. He eventually reveals that he spent some of his time making a jewel out of sap, which can be equipped as an accessory for a valuable effect.
    1. Adaptation: If your party includes a warforged, elf, or other long-living race, consider coming up with an opportunity for them to be put on a mission that will last a large enough amount of time for the rest of the party to time travel forward to meet up with them. While it would be a bad idea to let them get XP during this, you could probably justify them having taken up a craft during this time and made a decent magic item. And if they've been thinking about making big changes to their character, this would be a good opportunity to have them change their class or subclass. I particularly like the idea of just having a warforged PC be responsible for cultivating the Eldeen Reaches to the point that when the other PCs return for it, Oalian reveals that he, himself, was planted by said warforged and has kept him hidden beneath his roots.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? Because it's another classic of time travel stories and it provides an opportunity to put a lengthy lifespan to use.
  5. Prevent Your Own Birth: It's a standard trope in time travel stories. Chrono Trigger's first trip through time sees the character Marle get mistaken for her missing ancestor who was kidnapped, resulting in the search for her to end. Crono sees Marle disappear in front of his eyes and finds out that the timeline has been changed so that Marle is never born. He then has to save Marle's ancestor himself so that Marle can come back to existence. However, Marle has clear memories of being in some dark place during her bout of nonexistence.
    1. Adaptation: This is as simple as having the character disappear some time after something happens that will result in the prevention of the character's birth/creation. You can let the player play a temporary character from the current time period. I would suggest getting the player's permission before you do something like this though. Another thing worth considering though is Marle's memories of the place she ended up disappearing to. For this, I would suggest the idea that there might be a place in Xoriat where the character ends up. Think of it like an afterlife but for people whose cause of death is "time travel paradox". I would personally go with the idea that only time travelers in an era where they haven't been born/created yet end up there.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? As I started with, it's a standard trope in time travel stories. It'd be a shame not to include it. It also presents to the players the ideas that they can change the timeline to remove a threat, which you might want to do before you introduce a "stop the big bad before it has a chance to end the world" plot. As for the place that Marle ends up at after disappearing, I think that such a location could serve to potentially keep a PC able to still be involved in the adventure in a split party situation.
  6. Before and After it was Ruins: There is a dungeon in the game Chrono Trigger called "Tyrano Lair". Crono and friends adventure through it in prehistory, but what happens during that adventure is not why I bring it up here. One of the late game quests has the group visit a dungeon called "Giant's Claw" in the middle ages. Giant's Claw turns out to be the ruins of Tyrano Lair. It has many of the same rooms, but parts of it have changed.
    1. Adaptation: Just choose an adventure location that the PCs have visited. Is it ruins? Let them visit it in the past before it was ruins. Is it not ruins? Have them visit it in the future after it has become ruins.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? While you certainly can have players return to a previous dungeon and find that things have changed there while they were away in just about any game, time travel allows for it to be done with a much longer time interval, so why not take advantage of it?
  7. Chrono Trigger's Bad Future Refuses to Change Much: One of the time periods visited in Chrono Trigger is a post-apocalyptic future where humanity is confined to a handful of settlements by the dangerous mutants and robots, relying upon machines called "enertrons" to repair the damage to their bodies from lack of food and water, though they can't fill one's stomach. Crono and friends eventually discover that this is the future of their world and the event that caused it, after which they vow to change this future.
    1. Adaptation: The easiest way to adapt this idea to Eberron is to just present it as a future where the Mournland expanded to cover the entire world, providing the dangerous mutants and robots from Chrono Trigger's bad future. You can easily have the prevention of this future be the driving force of the campaign. You could potentially include an enertron as a magic item that fully heals the body, even removing levels of exhaustion, but without food and water, the user will gain a level of exhaustion on the next round.
      1. Take it a Step Further: Keep notes on names you use for locations and people while the PCs are here. Look for opportunities to re-use those names in the past. Players pass by a destroyed flower shop with a sign saying "Boblin's Flowers"? Then let the players meet a Boblin in their own time period who has dreams of opening a flower shop. Especially use these names for NPCs that the players have gotten attached to before learning their names. It can serve to remind players of what's at stake if they fail to change the future.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? If you want a future filled with advanced technology and such, you're going to need a reason for why the PCs won't want to stay there and why they'll find more powerful items in other time periods. Having it be a post apocalyptic future is an easy way to provide a reason for both. The most important thing to be taking from this though, especially if you want to have a whole campaign about preventing a terrible future, is getting to show the players the thing they want to prevent. Show them records of the tragedy. Show them the thing responsible. In this time after the end of the world, let them see the foe that waits at the end of the campaign.
  8. Lavos as Daelkyr-Warped Khyber and its Presence Throughout the Plot: The big bad of Chrono Trigger is a planetary parasite known as Lavos. It lands on earth in prehistoric times, burrows inside, grows, directs evolution, feeds on the planet itself, emerges, destroys the majority of life on the planet, and creates offspring to be sent off to continue the cycle on other planets. For much of the game, it is believed that the time gates might be created by it. Crono and friends fight it, put a hole in its shell, and go inside to fight two more forms. The game reveals Lavos rather early in the plot, and after that reveal, the rest of the game is about defeating this threat and preventing the future it causes, using time travel to gain more information about it and to acquire tools to aid in its defeat.
    1. Adaptation: Start with the most alien beings of the setting, the Daelkyr. They are known to alter and twist things into aberrations, even parasitic ones. They are also from Xoriat, the plane that is associated with time travel. Where are those Daelkyr? In Khyber, deep underneath Eberron. What could they possibly alter into something like Lavos? How about Khyber itself? Turn their prison into a giant aberration that I'm going to refer to as "Daeber". Now, this may seem like it might be a bit too much to handle, even for a party of level 20 PCs. If it wasn't, the dragons of Argonnessen would probably be able to handle it with epic level spells. So make it strong enough that the dragons would need to be brought into the fight, not to finish it off, but to get the PCs inside of its outer shell. Heck, you could probably include a plot to convince the Lords of Dust and the Quori to join the fight. The Lords of Dust because they don't want their masters to end up another part of this thing and the Quori because this is going to destroy all of the stability they worked so hard to acquire. You could even include something similar to the boss rush that precedes the Lavos boss fight by having this thing corrupt some of the former enemies of the PCs that are currently helping. The most important things however are to keep it as something that could believably cause whatever bad future the PCs want to prevent, have it powerful enough that the expected defenses would be overwhelmed, and to have a way for the PCs to make a difference.
      1. Take it a Step Further: Consider letting it actually be Khyber from the creation myth. Let the PCs adventure in a past so distant that the Ring of Siberys is a single solid ring. You can then have some adventures take place in this time period until something from the stars crashes through the Ring of Syberys, shattering it, before landing on Eberron and burrowing deep underground. I haven't entirely thought out a way to have this while still having the potential for that grand battle at the end where even the Lords of Dust are helping.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? With a time travel plot, you usually end up with the opposition to the protagonists being the rules of time travel, unintended consequences of their actions, or other time travelers. Lavos was none of this. It was a cosmic horror whose pure power makes it difficult to beat even with time travel. Even if the players time travel to the point where it is most vulnerable, it is still something capable of destroying the world.
  9. Created? I Only Summoned It: The earliest lead Crono and his friends received on where Lavos came from involved the fiendlord, Magus, who was said to have created it during the medieval period to use to wipe out humanity during the war between humans and mystics. After a lengthy battle, Magus becomes panicked as the ritual is not going as he planned and is bringing Lavos too soon. It is here that Crono and friends find that Lavos is not a creation of Magus but something that has dwelt belowground for much longer. Magus later turns out to have been using the mystics to acquire the means to summon Lavos so that he could attempt to kill it, a goal that he fails to achieve.
    1. Adaptation: With plans to tie Daeber to the Mourning with the bad future being a worldwide Mournland, it makes sense that it might have been created by Cyre as a weapon. This provides enough reason to have some time travel to the end of the Last War as the PCs try to make their way to Metrol to stop not just the destruction of Cyre, but the destruction of the entire world. Of course, this fails as the PCs (and the players, provided they haven't read this or caught on just how much of Chrono Trigger's plot is being used) are working with misleading information.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? OK, so I'm feeling like I'm starting to shift away from "ideas to steal" and lean more into "ways to adapt" with this one. If you're wanting to do a mystery, you're going to need some red herrings or leads that turn out wrong. Before the players can get the right answer, they have to get the wrong answer first. This is true even with a mystery involving time travel. This is still a part worth including in an adaptation of Chrono Trigger's plot to Eberron as it provides an excuse to have one of the time periods visited be during the Last War.
  10. Kingdom of Zeal as a Sphinx Civilization: The Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger was an advanced civilization that depended on magic and placed themselves high above those that lacked the gift for it both figuratively and literally. They lived in a floating continent above the clouds and called themselves the Enlightened Ones while those who lived below in on the snow-covered surface were called the Earthbound Ones. Their queen tried to harness the power of Lavos to acquire immortality and destroyed her kingdom in the process while Lavos' partial awakening opened a rift in time that threw three of her advisors and one of her children into different eras. This stuff happened between 13,000 years before the start of the game's story in the antiquity era.
    1. Adaptation: For adapting this time period and culture to Eberron, I would like to remind you of a Keith Baker article where he puts forth the idea of sphinxes being time travelers from the distant past, from a time before the Overlords. I personally think such an idea could be used for adapting Zeal to Eberron. The advisors getting thrown to different time periods could be used to explain the seemingly random appearances of sphinxes. As for where this civilization could be located, I would go with Khorvaire. I would specifically have the Vermishards of Metrol be structures made by them to draw power from Daeber and the location that it emerges at for the final battle. This just leaves the issue of the Earthbound Ones. I have come up with two possibilities here. One, they are sphinxes that haven't developed magical abilities and they die out or suffered Daelkyr corruption soon after the destruction of the kingdom. Two, they are the ancestors of the modern halfling and their connection to the sphinxes gave them a subconscious understanding of the Draconic Prophecy that manifests as the Lucky racial trait. It may even be that sphinxes are halflings that have undergone some special transformation after enhancing their connection to the Draconic Prophecy.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? Mostly because it's an opportunity to fill in gaps about where sphinxes come from.
  11. Changing the Timeline is Difficult: Quite a long time ago, I read Reverse Design: Chrono Trigger. I found it rather interesting, but there was one part that stuck out to me, where it describes the historical results of the time travel in Chrono Trigger up to the Black Omen's appearance on this page. Those results before the Black Omen? Nothing. Sure, you see Marle disappear from existence by paradox, but you serve as a means to correct that and get the timeline back on track, resulting in a net change of nothing. Most of everything else is just helping to bring about things that were already confirmed to occur and just exploring time periods without doing anything that affects the future. You are even given a prophecy that "One among you will shortly perish", and you are unable to prevent it from happening. Then you've lost your main character, other events happen, and the bad guys manage to cause the first historically significant change to the timeline, the appearance of the Black Omen, which appears not just in the current era, but every era after. After that Black Omen shows up though, almost every quest involves using time travel to alter future time periods for the better.
    1. Adaptation: Try to have the first adventure involving time travel include accidentally changing the future and working to undo that change. This gets the players to believe that they can change the future in a meaningful way despite the only change they've made being undone. Include various opportunities to adventure in the past in ways that bring about events that are already confirmed to happen, but will leave the players with a sense of "It was us who did that". Let them think that they are making a difference. Then, give them a passage of the Draconic Prophecy whose "if" condition has already been met. Have the "then" result of this passage be something unpleasant, and have the players unable to prevent it or change it with their current methods. If you want, feel free to have an NPC serve to help point out how little the actions of the PCs have changed the timeline, possibly with a mention of no matter how much change is done in one day, dragons and fiends can always find a way to get their plans back on track with the Draconic Prophecy (it may even be that the Lords of Dust and the Chamber see time travel as being an inferior way of manipulating history compared to carefully guiding it along yourself). Then you can have your own Black Omen moment, which with my other ideas for adaptation would involve a change to the Vermishards of Metrol, possibly them and a structure underneath them rising up into the air, high enough that no airship can reach it. After this though, you can have the plot change a bit to include using the Draconic Prophecy to find the places where one can change history.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? If you want to have a plot where the eventual goal is to change the future for the better, you want to first make that goal seem possible and second make it seem difficult. This also allows you to try saving big timeline changes for late in the campaign where you won't need to worry about them for as long and can use them to represent the PCs mastering manipulation of historical events. Having the first historically significant change that doesn't go away be in favor of the enemy can serve to provide feelings of "the enemy has done this thing that we haven't been able to do", "Our meddling with time has just made things worse", and perhaps "If they can make a change on this scale, then so can we".
  12. Chrono Trigger as Artifact Allowing Defiance of Draconic Prophecy: OK, so I mentioned in passing a main character dying as foretold in a prophecy. That character is Crono. I mentioned at the beginning that there would be spoilers for the game. Anyway, on the next trip to the End of Time, the helpful guide there provides the party with an item called a "Chrono Trigger". This item appears to be an egg of some sort and allows a possibility of a miracle. Said miracle has some requirements to happen and even then it's said to only offer a possibility. Well, this miracle happens and the group are able to go to the moment of Crono's death, except time is frozen. They are able to switch Crono with a doll that looks like him and thus save him.
    1. Adaptation: I'd have the Chrono Trigger be a creation of sphinxes and be able to serve as a way of defying a passage of the Draconic Prophecy, whether it be preventing the "then" result of a passage whose "if" condition has already been met or bringing about the "then" result without the "if" condition. They would still require a great deal of effort to use, requiring a quest to get materials needed and to reach a proper place to use it. It might even require the casting of the Wish spell. Above all else, this should be established as something that the PCs aren't going to be able to do often. This should be for things that are impossible even through Wish.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? As much as the Draconic Prophecy can be used as a tool to bring about a desired change, once the "if" condition is met, there's supposed to be no avoiding the "then" result. If you want to go for a feeling of "Screw destiny, we've got a time machine", the best way to accomplish it is to have a moment of defying the Draconic Prophecy. Once you have this moment, you've established that the PCs can not be held back by any concept of inevitability, destiny, or history.
  13. Cross Dimensions: And for our -1, we're looking at the sequel to Chrono Trigger. The game Chrono Cross has its plot kick off when Serge travels to an alternate dimension where he died years ago. He then goes on an adventure to uncover the truth of the divergence between the two worlds. Spoilers: Time Travel is involved.
    1. Adaptation: So for such a campaign, we are going to want an explanation for why there are two alternate realities to adventure in. If you're serious about a time travel campaign in Eberron, you'll have likely gotten a copy of Exploring Eberron and read the section on Xoriat, particularly page 200, which has the section "Xoriat and the Maze of Reality". It uses an analogy of a rat in a maze to explain time travel. The rat represents the Material Plane and it has a crown that represents its connection to the other planes that aren't Xoriat. History gets changed through time travel? New rat comes in and takes the crown, becoming the new Prime Material Plane. The old rat loses that connection to the other planes, but can potentially take that crown back and return to its position as the Prime Material Plane. So how do we handle the issue of two material planes if we want to keep both of them having a connection to the other planes and to each other. One possibility is that the two rats are fighting for the crown and they are in a position where it's currently on both of their heads, but that won't last forever. There may be some shifting of which material plane one might end up in while doing planar travel, or there might be some other planar instability where planes seem to become coterminous or remote unexpectedly. If it goes on long enough, both rats might die off and a new reality rat might come in as Eberron meets the same fate as the material plane the Gith came from. The goal of the PCs might be to get one of these realities to come out on top or maybe for the two realities to merge. As for what would cause this prolonged fight between analogical reality rats, the most obvious answers would be the Daelkyr and excessive time travel. It might even be more likely to occur when immortal creatures are messing with time, thus why the Chamber and the Lords of Dust might avoid using time travel.
    2. Why Steal this Idea? One, travel between alternate realities can be fun too. Two, the potential for instability can provide a reason to keep powerful and immortal creatures that aren't Daelkyr from making use of time travel.

There you have it! I hope you find a few of these ideas useful. Maybe some of you will even use a few details from this even without using time travel. Feel free to talk about how you'd adapt Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, or maybe even just plain time travel stuff to Eberron. I'd love to get some more ideas or even stat blocks and magic items to use if my players approve of following our current campaign with a time travel one. And remember...
"If it exists in D&D, it has a place in Eberron."
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My problem is, while I have several build ideas that I really want to try out (thanks Enai), I also kinda don't want to replay quests or locations that I've already done in one character over to the next. Re-discovering markers is already tedious enough. I've installed several content-adding mods and while I've tried them before maybe 5 years ago on my potato rig, I never really finished them and don't have an idea of the scale of these mods or how long or expansive they are. So I need your guys' ideas on how to split up content, including vanilla, for maybe 3(maybe more?) characters to keep the experiences fresh, and which content fits the characters as well.
These are the content mods I've installed:

For reference, the character ideas as of now are:
  1. Pickpocketing thief build that transitions into an arcane archer after getting rich enough to buy a house and afford college (of winterhold) tuition and Dragon Hoard perk - this save is already ongoing, and I'm thinking of maybe doing the main story and Dragonborn DLC with this one.
  2. Pure vampire build that only uses vampire-inspired spells from Sacrosanct/Mysticism/Apocalypse + conjuring in the lategame. - Obviously doing Dawnguard with this
  3. Unarmed + werewolf - I've never tried Khajit so I might do it here.
  4. Poison spells + Restoration (mostly) benevolent vigilante priestess
  5. Bard + Shouts + Companions/Summons - interesting concept but not sure if watching an army fight every battle might get boring after a while
Sorry for the wall of text, but I appreciate any suggestions from those of you who played a ton of these famous content/quest mods. Also, if you have more quest mod suggestions that are must-plays, I'd like those as well. Thanks!
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2021.12.08 05:56 dvclmn A poster I drew for Disney a few years back that I'm still chuffed with.

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2021.12.08 05:56 KingHuskyPlayz Guys Help me Fast Plzzz!!!! Me: Xmas Egg Them: NFR Skele-Rex

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2021.12.08 05:56 Comfortable_Agent354 Dragon Yuleirenn and tosknir proven . Merry Christmas

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2021.12.08 05:56 crazybear87 To spoil: finite. to decay: infinite

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2021.12.08 05:56 throwawayextended Therapist used wrong word to describe an event and now I feel really guilty TW SA

Last week I told my therapist I was touched without my consent a couple of years ago. It was only one sentence really, and I made sure that I just used the word 'touched' as nothing more happened to avoid confusion It was really hard to tell her, so I kinda just used a sentence to say that I couldn't get away and then I could and that was that. Next session she used the word "rape", and I had to correct her and say "no I didn't say that" and we kinda had a small back-and-forth "no I really wasnt" and she said "It's your experience after all", and then said that I "reframed it to her". Now I already feel really shit because I feel like I misled her to believe it was more serious than it was, and that maybe she feels that my reaction makes sense only if rape happened. I feel like I lied and made it a bigger deal, and now really regret bringing it up at all. I don't know what to do.
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2021.12.08 05:56 OvenOk2967 Model 3 LR Acceleration boost.. where is it?

I received a 2021 (apparently 2022) M3 LR last week and have had it updated as far as it can go, but only FSD available in the upgrades on the app. Has the acceleration boost been removed?
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2021.12.08 05:56 ilikethispost2 Is this some kind of a sick joke?… Yes

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2021.12.08 05:56 Allaromanovna05 Ways how to attract crowd to your startup!

Ways how to attract crowd to your startup! Crowdfunding projects are always a risk. In the standard business model, everything is clear: buyers - goods, sellers - profit. But when it comes to collective financing, participants have to be persuaded to invest in something that can only be obtained after some time. Sometimes that time lasts indefinitely. That said, the process can be made more efficient by following some professional tips!
  1. Clearly describe where your partners' money is going.
  2. Tell about your education and accomplishments. Education is very important in the venture business.
  3. Support other projects. If you support a project, you will be backed in return.
4, Personal approach generates a response and inspires trust.
  1. Compare your business with something inexpensive but delicious. Intrigue attracts attention.
We – Indirect Favor Capital strive to provide educational information in a simplified way for clear comprehension for you! We are welcoming you to participate in AIRDROP, where you can get Favor tokens absolutely free! Subscribe to Indirect Favor Capital and visit our website for more detailed information about distribution!

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2021.12.08 05:56 KayMote FT: Plusle, Minum, Porygon, Nosepass & Castform ; LF: List of missing Pokemon inside the comments

The ones I still need:
Weedle, Pidgey, Vulpix, Kangaskhan, Kabuto Dunsparce, Teddiursa, Stantler, Slakoth, Makuhita, Sableye, Gulpin, Spinda, Bonsley, Shieldon
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2021.12.08 05:56 Legitimate_Pea7132 This art print is BEYOND perfect!

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