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2021.10.21 11:54 MysteriousHome9279 Share your Shiba Inu holdings

I am at 10 milli....would be adding more over the next few months. I hope I am doing my bit.
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2021.10.21 11:54 Worddroppings Hey mom, can you give me some friend advice?

So I have a friend who I met online like maybe 9 years ago? We used to talk a lot about almost everything except a year and a half ago she had a baby not long after buying a puppy (I forgot the breed but it's a working breed, high maintenance) and now she's the primary care person for the baby... And the dog? I'm not sure. She's also married now too. But it's only been a few years. I think we got best friend tattoos back in 2016? I've known her longer than her husband has but I can't remember when she moved in with him. Maybe 4 years ago? They didn't date long. Life was different then. For the record I understand life changes and boundaries change and people change so you have to adapt and grow. She's the only best friend I've had as an adult besides my husband unless you count when I could still talk to my high school best friend before I moved away but that's another post. I knew I'd lose a lot of interaction with her as soon as I knew she was pregnant.
Now she's chronically sleep deprived (like 4 hours or less a night I gather from her posts on Instagram) and I guess that means she can't think clearly? She's shown in the past she's not very good at understanding that people might not mean what she thinks in text (my husband has experienced this too) but I forgot since we don't really talk anymore because she's "swamped with the baby" and her ADD makes her forgot to respond to my texts because she gets distracted. I think she always assumes the worst from people because of her trauma? She's been in more than one abusive relationship.
Anyways we had a conversation last Friday that went poorly. I spent like the rest of the day crying. I said something that could have been worded better (my husband had a more level headed explanation for me as to why) and instead of doing something like asking what I meant to say she took it terribly passive aggressively. I'm not a passive aggressive person. If I finally actually decide to say something I'm going to say what I mean. I do have the unfortunate habit of sometimes leaving words out when I text though. It might be because of my dissociative disorder? It's hard for me to stop and think about everything I'm trying to say and get it out in an organized fashion, especially in text. I've read this post 3 times. (4 times) But I'm getting side tracked.
In this conversation I tried to say multiple things and I was either told something wasn't fair like it was my fault or she reacted like I was being passive aggressive, including when I said I thought she knew me well enough to know I'm not passive aggressive. (my husband of 13 years will tell you I'm not passive aggressive I'm more aggressive aggressive). Afterwards I wish I had told her that it's not my fault it's not fair, sometimes life isn't fair but I didn't get that far.
And I just had major back surgery 5 weeks ago (got metal in my back now) and she sent me a care package but hasn't once asked me how recovery has been going. I've had a lot of problems coping with recovery, posted on Instagram, no comments from her. She held the fact that she sent me a care package over my head like it was huge. And yes, it was awesome but it was better when another friend called and checked on me. I just told her the car package was awesome.
I've had one super easy out patient surgery, nothing that requires a hospital stay, but she's had surgeries, including a c-section so I asked for some advice before surgery. I think I asked for advice twice after surgery? This time I was trying to get support with recovery but wasn't thinking clear enough to actually ask for support. She's also dismissed my recovery process as saying recovery sucks or surgery sucks. I don't think she knows or cares or has the mental bandwidth to understand how major my surgery was.
I apologized for taking up her time too with the long conversation since that was the longest we've talked in a long time and she's swamped with the baby and also said I was being sincere. Didn't realize she would take it passive aggressively until after I hit send. Even when it was clear I didn't mean something passive aggressively she didn't ask what I did mean. I did apologize for an assumption that I had made.
The conversation ended with her telling me to "just stop" and "take a breath". Basically she told me to shut up and fuck off if I was going to interpret her words the way she was interpreting mine. There was a lot more I could have said but I said nothing more. Wish I had said something like "goodbye then".
I don't know how to talk to her about anything at this point. She's gotten worse since the pandemic and they moved to a place where the pandemic is worse.
She's been "swamped with the baby" for a year and a half. How long will she be swamped? I assume till the baby is 6? 8? 12?
She's been using her ADD as an excuse (for her behavior) which I told her it isn't fair to use her ADD as an excuse and you'll be shocked to know she disagreed with me that no she's not using it as an excuse. She did tell me she hasn't been ignoring me which I said was good to know since I had no idea. Being sleep deprived isn't going to change her behavior about her ADD.
I stopped texting her for small things a long time ago and started using Twitter again so I can at least scream into the void of Twitter but sometimes I just miss talking to her. I'm actually worried about her and when I told her that she said I should have just asked which when I think about it now makes no sense. Thinking about her behavior as I edit this post, she's gotten worse since the pandemic too and I don't know if she's still in therapy because insurance. She needs to be in therapy. (I'm in therapy.)
I'm pretty sure I can't talk to her about how I feel because she can't let go of things. I'm not worried she's mad at me but I am worried she'll add this to her list of ways she's been mistreated in life. Because of all the bad shit that has happened to her.
Her behavior was totally toxic but she's also sleep deprived and not taking care of herself either. I'm afraid she's gotten worse because of the stress of the pandemic and the pandemic isn't going anywhere. I can't really be supportive because I know nothing about raising children or dogs and the only place she shares is on Instagram.
I'm worried the friendship really is over because I've already dealt with a year and a half of her not responding to my texts at least 95% of the time (maybe 99%) because the baby or the dog did something to distract her. That tells me I'm not very important. And nothing is going to change because they are going to home school and buy land for a farm. She'll go from being sleep deprived from the baby to sleep deprived from the farm animals I bet.
I don't know what to do but I'm pretty sure my best friend has moved on and I'm no longer important to her and she's possibly drowning? Also it's unhealthy the way she uses her ADD as an excuse.
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2021.10.21 11:54 stweebuwu Shot on iPhone Meme but It’s Anime

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2021.10.21 11:54 Exciting_Name5012 McDonalds Rare Monopoly Pieces

Anyone have a strategy on finding rarer pieces? I'm noticing that everyone who has been playing Monopoly since Oct 2nd 2021 are all missing the same rare pieces Canada-Wide. Maybe thinking of a strategy based on probability and location is best! Feel free to comment/PM 😊
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2021.10.21 11:54 KinnerNevada Moscow to shut shops, schools as COVID-19 deaths soar

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2021.10.21 11:54 Battlezone1 Adorable Nina and Alina day 448: all of the main Pravda girls but realistic

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2021.10.21 11:54 GlitzyHavoc [NOW ON STREAMING] Motorbass - Pansoul (1996)

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2021.10.21 11:54 Dull_Tonight Users are more concerned about their data privacy, but many companies are still hesitant to invest in data protection

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2021.10.21 11:54 TormentedLoL Worlds Briefing Pt 2: A Breakdown of Quarterfinal Teams, Matchups, and Expectations (The One Where C9 Wins)

If you missed the last post where I went over DK vs MAD and T1 vs HLE, it can be found here. No lengthy introduction this time, let's just get right into it. And as always, my opinions are my own, and if you disagree, feel free to add to the discussion in the comments.
Head in the Clouds, and I'm on that Hopium (GEN.G vs C9)
The first thing I think of when I think about Gen.G is white bread. They're a staple team, with a standard playstyle. Yet nobody expects them to be anything special. Most analysts coming into this tournament likely expected GEN.G to either top a group or show a strong performance in group stages, but that's also likely all they expected from this team. Gen.G has performed to that expectation perfectly.
One major critique that the community tends to levy on Gen.G is that they are a boring, slow team that plays an extremely dry and map-oriented style centered on scaling and teamfighting. There is a degree of truth to such a statement, but at the same time, it is rooted in misconception. Gen.G certainly prefers to play a slower game, and in many LCK regular season Bo3s, they will opt for scaling compositions such as Jinx-Azir or Azir-Ezreal. But more often than not, their "snooze-fest" games tend to occur against weaker teams where they simply want to play an easy draft without revealing much. Moreover, Gen.G isn't particularly lethargic in the early game - something anybody who has watched their group stage games should be able to attest to - but are often rather just constrained by factors in their draft that decelerate their play in mid/late.
Gen.G prefers compositions that have stable lanes in all three parts of the map and usually draft only one major playmaking crux for Clid. Their early game strategy is to organically develop leads based on the flow of their lanes, and Clid is just the centerpiece that reacts to the flow of the game to execute on objectives or enemy mispositioning. This playstyle is one that consistently works for them, with Clid managing to pick up First Bloods for his team in roughly half their games. It's why his most played jungler throughout LCK Summer was Volibear, why he plays a lot more Jarvan than most other LCK junglers, and why throughout the group stages, he is consistently down EXP and farm but up gold against the opposing jungler. Contrary to the public perception, Gen.G plays rather aggressively early game, frequently rotating their pieces around the map to contest for Herald, early Drakes, and plating - if you don't believe me, just go back and watch their games. They've picked up first blood in 75% of the games they've played, are up an average 1k gold despite averaging lower CS, pick up at least 1 Herald on average in their games, and 3 dragons.
Despite this, Gen.G still averages an abysmally slow game length of 37:55. For reference, T1's game time was 28:32, and DK's was 34:16. The only team that plays comparably slow from LCK is Hanwha Life with an average of 37:38. A lot of this has to do with the way Gen.G likes to draft and BDD's champion pool. In spite of the priority on map play and map active mid-laners in the tournament, such as LeBlanc, Ryze, and Twisted Fate, BDD has played 0 games across any of the three. Add to that a tendency to prefer more passive drafts with champions that lack proactive playmaking topside, such as Graves, and you get a lot of compositions where once the laning phase ends, there just isn't a lot to easily play for. Gen.G only exacerbates the problem as they usually do not actively seek picks past laning phase, preferring to set up on either Dragon or Baron to just take teamfights. As I mentioned yesterday while discussing Hanwha Life, the major problem with progressing the game exclusively off Dragons is that it gives your opponents an unnecessarily long 5-minute respite to try to find ways back into the game. It nearly cost them the game against MAD in the tiebreaker, and did cost them the game against MAD in the first round-robin, as well as the game against TL in the second Round Robin. The common point between all three of these games is that Gen.G was able to develop significant gold leads either before or during the mid-game, but was unable to convert on these leads due to not pushing progress in the game, or leveraging their lead.
This isn't to say that Gen.G can't play proactively - as they did show multiple times throughout group stages that when given drafts that have solid amounts of play across the map, such as in their first round-robin games against TL (Camille, Amumu, Trundle, Sylas) and LNG (Renekton, Zoe, Leona, Xin), they can easily snowball a lead and stomp the game through quickly. But for one reason or another, Gen.G often defaults to the comfort that is developing early leads and winning through teamfights centered exclusively around Drake spawns. As MAD showed us over the 3 games the two teams played against each other, this style of play is very easily punishable against high-calibre opponents.
The NA faithful always pin their hopes on Cloud9 to make it to the elimination bracket at Worlds and after letting an entire continent drown in the cold shower of a 0-3 start, Cloud9 rose to the occasion. True to their pedigree, they delivered in the second round robin with electrifying performances against Rogue, FPX, and even Damwon (despite losing the game).
Ultimately, Cloud9's position in Quarterfinals is still precarious, to say the least. While they, like MAD Lions, can have the benefit of the doubt in terms of their RR1 performance (if you want my schtick about RR1 vs RR2 dichotomies, go check out the other post I wrote linked at the top and read the MAD Lions section), their wins still need to be measured objectively. And in both of their wins against RGE and FPX prior to the tiebreaker, it was more the enemy team significantly misstepping in the first five minutes than it was Cloud9 actively creating a victory for themselves. While this certainly does not discount their victories completely, it does call into question what a Cloud9 without such a significant early gold and tempo advantage might look like.
Fortunately, we don't have to look far, as both their tiebreaker game against Rogue, and loss against Damwon paint a more complete picture. In their win over Rogue, Cloud9 demonstrated the ability to go toe to toe in the early game and continue to force progress while staying competitive throughout the mid-game. Even without a lead, Cloud9 was able to maintain composure, continue playing around their waves, and look for key breakpoints in the game where their playmaking options in Alistar, LeBlanc, and Wukong would be able to shine. Admittedly, even in the tiebreaker win, critical errors from Rogue such as abandoning this 5v4 Baron opportunity or their inability to leverage the space advantage Jhin/Jayce provides were a significant boon to C9. All the same, the compositional awareness to start Baron 5v5 because the enemy team has issues walking into yours, their capitalization on Rogue's slow rotations, and a healthy dose of Perkz exploiting boneheaded pathing from Odoamne shows that C9 isn't strongly lacking in their ability to both play the map and their draft. In fact, they're pretty good at it.
Against Damwon, Cloud9 showed the ability to put out immense map pressure in the early game while keeping the pedal to the metal in the midgame even when they weren't in the lead. What was particularly breathtaking about this loss was that throughout the entirety of the game, the only thought that kept passing through my mind was "What if this wasn't Damwon?"
The 4-man roams to mid-lane by minute three, the rotations to top, and the willingness to flip a Baron in a losing position to create the greatest win chances (no, seriously, flipping Baron here is worth it when you're knocking on the door of Kassadin 16 and doomed if you just let the game keep going anyway) wax poetic of an almost G2-esque map style that I think would have caused most teams to capitulate. Most importantly, against the reigning world champions and favourites to win the tournament, in an incredibly important group deciding game, Cloud9 didn't falter and continued to play the map and composition to the greatest extent that they could. And in all honesty, they played it really damn well, even if Damwon managed to sidestep 90% of their plays.
Furthermore, what Cloud9 demonstrated, even in the victories where they were given early advantages, is their ability to press those advantages and convert quickly on their positions. In both those games, it felt completely over from the point where either team overpressed in the first five minutes, as Cloud9 never gave either of them any respite - the Rogue game ended in 25 minutes, the FPX game ended in 28.
If I'm concerned about one thing in particular for Cloud9, it's consistency as well as their relatively weak topside. With Blaber it's hard to know if he's going to pick up a triple kill at minute five (also can someone explain to me why Nuguri didn't just TP to the control ward at pixel here, pretty sure FPX might have won the fight if he did), or if he's going to face check a bush he saw the enemy go into before minute one. In fact, Blaber is probably a key cause of cardiac incidents in the North American continent, especially moving forward because despite how flippy he can be, he is also extremely important to Cloud9's success. Fudge adds to the list of concerns, underperforming the group stages against admittedly stiff competition in Nuguri and Khan. He averaged a CSD of -14, 0% participation in First Bloods, and a 200 gold deficit by 15 minutes. In spite of getting the pick of the litter in terms of pick priority - as he had the option for top lane counter pick in 6/7 of his games, Cloud9 has decisively lacked control of topside in many of their games. For the record, he's doing worse than Morgan just going by lane statistics.
The Matchup:
Both of these teams play extremely proactively in the early game but where I think C9 can gain a competitive edge is in champion select. Unlike BDD, Perkz is a player who thrives in a commander role and likes to be put on playmakers. In all of C9's wins, the superstar mid laner was map active during the laning phase and outside of it, something that the mid lane roster that BDD prefers just does not do as well. While C9 is definitely not one of the cleanest mid-game teams at the tournament, they're also not nearly as stagnant as Gen.G, demonstrating a willingness to force progress in games through map play, regardless of whether or not the play actually turns out well. While that can be a double-edged sword, taking into account the compositions that Gen.G tends to prefer it is likely to produce a lot more upside.
Furthermore, while Rascal and Burdol aren't liabilities in the topside, they also aren't huge bullies, which should give Cloud9 more breathing room. If the game progresses on even footing to the midgame, which is very believable, then I would actually prefer Cloud9 to Gen.G because their map movement, play forcing, and the compositions that they often chose to pilot perform significantly better in the open positions Gen.G are likely to cede. Gen.G's preference to let the game flow and play for Dragon and teamfights is likely to hurt them if they can't actually secure enough of a lead, as I fully expect C9 to throw everything and the kitchen sink at making plays in fog of war to exploit Gen.G's mid-game lethargy.
All in all, I think the series is close, and a lot of it is going to come down to what the laning phase and neutral objective exchanges in the pre-20 minute period look like. But given what Cloud9 showed against Damwon and against Rogue, I don't think victory is so clear cut for Gen.G. Factoring in what I hope to be good preparation from Cloud9 for Gen.G's early strategy, I ultimately see a pretty easy yet somehow hard-fought path to a win if you're a C9 fan.
Prediction: C9 3-1
LPL Civil War: LPL Summer Champions vs MSI Champions (EDG vs RNG)
Hoping to not have to swim back to China with their brother birds in FPX, EDG came into the tournament as a clear favourite for either Finals or at least Semifinals, and has largely shown that they are definitely contenders. Trust me when I say, this team is really good. They might have stumbled against 100T and T1 in RR2 but in my honest opinion, both of those losses had more to do with champion select than they had to do with the actual game played.
As I said before in the previous article when talking about Damwon, at a certain level, it's hard to characterize teams by a specific playstyle because, in essence, a "playstyle" is an exploitable preference when we're talking about the best teams in the world. In the game against T1, EDG found themselves squarely counter-picked, with a losing matchup bot side, an incredibly difficult jungle matchup, and a difficult team to play compositionally into as Poppy can literally prevent Yuumi from switching targets in a teamfight while also completely invalidating Talon as a champion. Making matters worse is the fact that T1's composition featured a significantly more active play on the map with TF and Kennen creating an incredibly easy target for Poppy on the topside in Jayce, while EDG's comp is forced to play exclusively reactively. These games can be extremely difficult to play out because if your primary playmaking tools are reactive in comparison to your opponent's, a deficit becomes proportionately more deadly as you have no actual ways to pull yourself back into the game.Add to that T1's stronger front-to-back given EDG's complete lack of disengage for the Kennen outside of just nuking him (along with the fact that there's no champion with the effective range to mark him in setup), and you have a recipe for disaster. When we talk about two extremely high-level teams in T1 and EDG, the difference in champ select is more or less singularly backbreaking.
In the case of the 100T game, the same is more or less true. I think 100T actually played this game a bit too slowly, defaulting to the usual problematic playstyle of only engaging with neutral objectives as a win condition (they took only 1 tier 2 mid-tower with their first Baron power play, just saying), but Ssumday's heroics carried the day on that one. More to the point, EDG opted into a Gen.G style draft, except even more Gen.G than most Gen.G drafts because this one actually had pretty much no play on the map. Xin Zhao has to play on very fine margins to exploit 100T's champions, which is exacerbated even more by the fact that all of EDG's draft naturally prefers to play with priority (Graves, Syndra, Aphelios). If the team ever does get behind, just about the only available play they can make, which to their credit they do execute on, is to have Xin Zhao sit in the fog of war and pick someone with Syndra. Their composition has no effective counterplay on the map until about minute 35 where they can hope that the range advantage on Aphelios and Syndra might let them win a miracle teamfight (I think this was maybe a window to engage?). Though even then, if Xin Zhao gets a bit lazy with how well he's guarding his backline, or if EDG messes up their formation or doesn't properly ward a flank, Kennen can end the game by himself.
In general, EDG can avoid this in the future by giving themselves more avenues to play through. When talking about the 100T game, in particular, either give Flandre a top laner who can actually provide reliable setup for Xin Zhao, or if you still desire the priority on Graves R1, pick a support that can actually roam instead of Lulu - especially when Yuumi isn't on the table.
Most analysts when they talk about EDG like to describe them as a more "controlled" LPL team. I'm not a huge fan of the word "controlled," I think it's a misnomer, I think EDG is just a team that plays through their champions relative to the enemy champions. They have strong macro, strong teamfighting, and relatively clean map movements. They aren't prone to making awful mistakes in terms of skirmish selection, and when they do lose, I never really think it's due to some critical single error that a high-level team obviously shouldn't be making, it seems more like an accumulation of factors on top of a bad draft. They aren't a perfect clean team, but what they have shown, in LPL finals and in Groups is about consistent with expectation in all honesty. I admit, that sounds a bit apologetic, but that's just honestly what my impression has been.
RNG can almost be characterized as a dark horse entering this tournament, considering most people probably know that they won MSI, and that's about all they know (unless they watch the LPL). They're also a really difficult team to gauge even in the context of the post-season, as they have played a total of 2 Bo5s, beating beaten out by LNG 3-1 and then beating WE 3-0 (who basically imploded that tournament after getting 3-0'd by FPX in semis). Moreover, their group, all respect given to the teams in it, was probably one of the weakest ones, given Fnatic's unfortunate situation with Upset and the fact that Hanwha Life came out as a 2nd seed despite all of the problems with Hanwha Life's play that I talked about in the other post.
Their play in groups has been very hot and cold. Sometimes they completely steamroll the enemy team (they have a 100% win rate with a lead at 15 minutes), but in the 3 games that they've played against Hanwha Life, one thing that has characterized their play for sure is a penchant for bloody skirmishing in the early game, regardless of circumstance. In fact, RNG was the most "LPL" team in Group Stages from my observation, and it helps that the numbers back it up, considering RNG averaged the highest kills per game at 18.7. This fight-focused playstyle, which we have seen many times before from LPL teams has always been a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can overwhelm opponents, on the other hand, you can lose the fight, and more or less the game because even though you knew Nautilus had 6 over your Rell, you tried to take the Herald anyway. Is there a method to RNG's madness? Certainly - as they don't just charge into the breach IG style. They still fight mostly over objectives in the mid to late game. But they are definitely more loose with their fight selection than any of the other teams.
However, if you're an RNG fan, you probably know that their loose fight selection isn't the biggest of their problems, it's the weakness in their mid-laner Cryin. Cryin has more or less been a Twisted Fate one trick for the entire tournament, spending 5/7 games on it, and given that the sixth of those seven games was on Galio, as well as his laning splits for the entirety of LPL Summer and Worlds being abysmal and comparable to/worse than Morgan's, he is the obvious target on RNG. I think Fnatic really had the right idea in their win over RNG by banning Cryin off of Twisted Fate and holding mid-pick for R3, as RNG are likely extremely reluctant to hand over a support or top counterpick instead. I'd like to see more teams ban Twisted Fate on Red or Galio on Blue paired with a B1 TF pick to force the team off of their compositional comfort. While Cryin certainly isn't the carry of his team, he is still a critical facilitating member that aids in making their top/bot carry style viable in the first place.
The Matchup:
LPL fans are going to have to forgive me, as these two teams have not played in a really long time, and LPL is the region that I follow the least. I know from some cursory research that the last time these two teams played each other was in Week 6 of the regular season, where RNG won 2-0, but they otherwise have not met since that series (which was played in July by the way) as RNG got knocked out of the playoffs incredibly early by LNG.
I like to think that in spite of the 2-0 victory in July, EDG is likely the heavy favourite here as while RNG certainly has very neat strengths in Xiaohu and Gala, they also have extremely exploitable weaknesses in trigger happy skirmishing and banning Twisted Fate. The week of draft preparation, coupled with regional familiarity and EDG's relatively clean map play and playstyle make me believe that unless hubris gets the better of EDG, RNG will have their work cut out for them to win here.
Prediction: EDG 3-1
Hope you guys found this series insightful. Cheers!
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2021.10.21 11:54 RobinZenpai Sovngarde glow Glitch (PS4)

Hey guys,
there's a bug when you leave Sovngarde after the Mainquest that let you glow like a Sovngarde Hero. Does anyone of you know how to trigger this glitch, or is it totally random?
I'm playing on PS4 so I can't use the Console and wont use any Mods.
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2021.10.21 11:54 Lightning_Warfare Sums up my experience with the subreddit thus far - Let people make coffee how they wish to make coffee!

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2021.10.21 11:54 FuryWhatWhen Unid shako and andys FT

Anyone looking for either of these? I'm only looking for runes atm.
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2021.10.21 11:54 Shoddy_Week_4276 🔺SquiDoge🔺| Just Launched | Earn 7% BUSD | Best project 2021! 100x 🚀

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2021.10.21 11:54 TheDottler Rate my 25th anniversery team

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2021.10.21 11:54 40KWarsTrek Why are SMAW's so restricted?

I can only seem to take them in Marine Decks. Every other specialization cuts them out. Given that the USA already has some of the weakest infantry, not allowing me to take these guys with any of my specializations really sucks.
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2021.10.21 11:54 Objective-Lawyer-368 Had a thought, and just wondering what others think. What if your passing or failing marks in classes was tied in with stat point accumulation/distribution, would people want that implemented?

I'm thinking classes will be mini games, I look forward to potions!
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2021.10.21 11:54 PLutonium273 Debate brought toxic online discussion culture into offline

In debate there's no betweens. Only Yes or no, my side or your side.
This harms real discussion because most real life answers can't be just summarized into yes or no. For instance, universal basic income. How much are we going to give? Are they gonna replace current welfare?
But debate doesn't acknowledge this. Of course you can, but there's time limit and your goal is to win. There's not enough time for actual constructive discussion. As a result it advanced the partisanship and radicalization we have today. All our goals became winning to the other side, and not actually solving the problem.
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2021.10.21 11:54 clip_mirror_bot Quin LOVES cake

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2021.10.21 11:54 Balls_of_Adamanthium WAKE UP DUB NATION!!! IT’S GAME DAY!!

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2021.10.21 11:54 EdwinCalvin Test Bank for Pharmacology and the Nursing Process 9th Edition by Lilley

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2021.10.21 11:54 BigM97 Disconnecting from Squad battles only (PS5)

For the last week or so whenever I play SB I disconnect every game without fail, saying I've lost connection to EA servers. Yet I haven't lost connection to servers even 1 game online this whole FIFA, clearly SB is just bugging out. Anyone know of any fix for this issue? Trying to complete the silver beasts objectives
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2021.10.21 11:54 Arzlo uhmm nephew

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2021.10.21 11:54 NORDLAN Rep. Jim Jordan tells House panel he can’t recall how many times he spoke with Trump on Jan. 6

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2021.10.21 11:54 Embarrassed_Ad_2377 Best chance of success propping cebu, scindapsus cuttings? What is your preferred method?

Best chance of success propping cebu, scindapsus cuttings? What is your preferred method? Result of desperate fit of insanity/impulse buying.... Received these healthy but TINY cuttings from Etsy seller. ($30! Yes- I am crazy) They arrived plump and healthy in fresh sphagnum, unrooted (I knew that). The cebu leafs (left 2) leaves are miniscule... with *very* thin stem. They do have nodes, but they look so delicate.
What do you think the best chance at rooting these successfully?
For now, I have the scindapsus in water (I separated into 2 nodes). The cebu I placed in a covered plastic bin with original moss in came in and perlite. The marble leaf I know will be fine in water.
I'm just scared to rot the cebu- do you think they will like the extra humidity? Or will it be too much? Maybe I should do one in water, one in the bin.
Anyway would love to start discussion of success you all have had propping these babies.
Healthy but small unrooted cuttings. How to best prop?
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